Kohler 20RESA Standby Generator

Kohler 20RESA

I wanted to give you a quick overview of this Kohler 20RESA Standby Generator with the attached video.

Just recently Kohler added an alternator option for this generator and made it available for small commercial use.

What does this mean? Well Kohler made the alternator available in a 3 phase option for 120/240 volts or 120/208 volts which most commercial businesses have 3 phase power.

So not only is this a great standby generator for residential use but great for small commercial use as well.  You can keep your lights on, computers, phones, cameras and internet running at your place of business. I always recommend added a battery back up to bridge that 10 second gap from when your power goes out and the Kohler 20RESA standby generator takes over. This way you will never interrupt your business.

This generator has a lot of features and benefits including the ability to monitor your generator from anywhere.

Take a quick peek at this video.

Kohler 20RESA

Kohler 20RESA

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