There doesn’t need to be a hurricane to lose power!

There doesn’t need to be a hurricane to lose power.

That’s right, here in SW Florida, there can be a power outage at any moment.  With the recent cold snap, you have thousands of people putting a huge demand on the power grid by turning on their heat. There is actually a larger load with the heat on in your home and they draw much more power than the air conditioning. The higher load on the power grid puts a huge strain on your localized transformer. In some cases, the extra load makes the transformer fail. Recently I have had several calls notifying me that the power has failed and the generator has taken over supplying power to the home. You can bet that my customers were happy to have a functioning generator and power in their home or business.

hurricaneJust keep in mind that it doesn’t take a hurricane to lose power.  Anytime is a good time to own a standby generator.

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