Why Kohler Generators for this customer?

Rich had many choices when it came to a generator purchase but in the end he chose Kohler. When doing the research you find that all Kohler Generators are made in the USA, right down to the circuit boards.

Kohler Generators

Rich and his new Kohler 38RCL

Some of the obvious benefits of this 38RCL is the all aluminum enclosure and small foot print. When this unit runs it is very quiet with 56db output at 7 meters. Inside you will find a GM Vortec V6 coupled to a Kohler built brushless, permanent magnet, self excited alternator. This alternator can sustain 300% of the load for 10 seconds. This unit is also cooled with an a quiet 2 speed electric fan. When we asked Rich what his reasons were for Kohler Generators he joked and said, “Well now I can be assured that a hurricane will never come”. His real reasons for his purchase was to protect his home from a power loss. If you would like a free estimate from West Coast Generators please give a call at 239-566-1769 or email at rymeradmin@me.com

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