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Prepare for 2015 with a Kohler 48RCL

Prepare for 2015 with a Kohler 48RCL

Are you prepared for 2015 with a Kohler 48RCL? This customer is prepared for 2015 with this whole house, 48kw, liquid cooled, 1800 RPM, clean power Kohler generator. This generator can respond to a power outage within seconds! Upon a power outage the automatic...

Kohler 20RESA Standby Generator

I wanted to give you a quick overview of this Kohler 20RESA Standby Generator with the attached video. Just recently Kohler added an alternator option for this generator and made it available for small commercial use. What does this mean? Well Kohler made the...

Meet our new work horse, Kubota R520s!

West Coast Generators welcomes our newest team member, Kubota R520S. Kubota R520s works day and not without breaking a sweat.  This guy can lift 4400 lbs over his head 13′ high with a 2000 lb counter weight on his back.. He can reach into semi tractor trailers...

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