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Another Kohler 48RCL comes alive for one of our lucky customers.

One of our new customers chose a Kohler 48RCL to protect his home and his valuables.

This generator has so many great features but I will only go over a few.

At first glance the obvious feature is the small compact size, low profile and a rust proof aluminum case.  This generator is very quiet! You could have a normal conversation next to this unit at full load and you would not have to raise your voice. This generator produces very clean power, so good that your electronics love it! With a GM Vortec V-8 powering this unit, and a heavy load is applied, there is little to no lag what so ever. This unit has a brushless, permanent magnet alternator and a very fast response time. It can handle 300% of the load for 10 seconds. Less moving parts! It also runs at 1800 RPMs, liquid cooled and 2 electric high volume fans. All exhaust is mixed with fresh air before exhausting to reduce exhaust temperature output.

In conclusion, a Kohler 48RCL is the perfect solution for your home or business.  This installation was quick and painless with no problems at all and very typical. In less than a week he had a fully functional generator. Call or email us for your free estimate!

Kohler 48RCL

Kohler 48RCl


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